MPD Tour America, Inc.
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MPD Tour America, Inc. and our partner exchange organizations are proud to offer this year's Student Exchange Trips of exciting adventures across America. MPD Tour America, Inc. will be organizing 6 trips, chaperoned and supervised exclusively by our representatives for the upcoming season. line

MPD Tour America, Inc.

800 Carrick Bend Circle #103
Naples, FL 34110

TOLL FREE: 1-917-691-3097
TELEPHONE: 1-917-691-30970
FAX: 1-718-439-8565


ISE OFFICE: 1-800-766-4656 - Handles student placements.
MPD TOUR AMERICA: 1-917-691-3097 - Books the land portion of the trips (not airfare) for students.
FLS TRAVEL SERVICES: 1-626-376-1178 - Books flights for ISE/CASE students for MPD Tour America Trips.